Corporate Drone Video & Photography

CAA-approved Aerial Drone services enable video, photography and ground mapping from unique perspectives and locations otherwise unreachable. With advanced drones and dual-operated controls, we can capture dynamic, inspiring visuals at 4K from the ground to 300 feet.

Overhead Imagery

The imagery achieved by drones is an excellent way to bring the audience away from the action to give a much more powerful sense of scale and to highlight the beauty of a location. This can also be an excellent way to capture overhead imagery of larger scenes without the need for cranes, scaffold or rigging. We can fly aerial drones both outdoors and indoors and have experience in flying in busy enclosed factory environments and tough weather conditions.

An Extra Perspective

Our Video and Photography drone services compliment our ground based services by adding an extra perspective. This combination allows us to provide an extensive range of outputs without the additional cost of freelancers.

Safety to cast and crew is paramount to us and we pride ourselves in maintaining our 0% failure rate and fly regularly to upkeep skills and capability, to ensure we give our clients the best possible output without compromising on safety.


Neg Earth

Having recently completed this building development for Neg Earth, our client asked us to create a video focusing on the design & details of the building to use as examples of their work in future project pitches and to put the project forward for construction awards.