Drone Survey & Inspection

Using a drone as a platform we use high definition cameras to carry out inspections and identify issues on buildings or equipment that is not easy or safe for personnel to access. Using a live video feed, personnel on the ground can view images live as they are captured to assess and issue further instruction to drone operators.

Safer & Cheaper

By using Drones for Survey and Inspections, it negates the need for scaffold purely for assessing. It also documents evidence of damage, where any exists, in high definition for client documentation. Drone surveys and inspections are generally much cheaper than using scaffolding, and faster than setting up ladders. It also benefits safety, as we can ensure personnel can remain safely on the ground unless repair work is required.

CSCS Certified

Our crew are CSCS certified and have experience working in busy construction environments and adverse weather conditions. For surveys we use drones with object sensors to assist our drone operators to safely get closer to the subject areas.