Product Launch & Support Content

With a new product or service being launched, or requiring a drive in sales, a promotional video is the ideal accompaniment to any marketing strategy. Not only does the video announce the launch, but it enables demonstration of the product’s features and why customers need it.

Taking your product to the next level

Static text or standalone images can’t always establish the dynamics of a product or service. Video has the ability to showcase the unique qualities of a product or service to an audience, demonstrating its necessity on a global digital platform.

Even if a product is still in development, every opportunity should be seized. Teasing its arrival can build excitement and engagement. We provide 3D modelling services which allow our clients to begin promoting at any time.

Bespoke service

We approach all video content with our bespoke service, tailored to suit the client. Our highly trained team uses cinematic equipment to capture innovative imagery to spotlight the client’s products or services

The show must go on

We understand that while developing marketing content, the show must still go on. Therefore, we ensure that our clients’ companies can be business as usual, while we proceed efficiently behind the scenes.



The innovative company Multimac required an instructional video to compliment physical leaflets that help their customers use the range of features on their products.