Process Documentary Photography

Process Documentary is our bespoke service of video capturing projects or processes, such as renovations or production assembly, with an output that can spectacle the intricate details of a project, or collapse month-long processes into short captivating videos.

Engaging Content

The benefit of video is that lengthy processes can become powerful and engaging short content for demonstrating projects to existing clients, training staff, and new customers.

Highlighting a process, through video, demonstrates the company’s expertise and capability more than a written testimonial, it shows the audience exactly what the company can do, and how well they do it.

Tailoring to your needs

In specific industries, such as construction, processes can often span days, weeks, or even months. When hiring a film crew for this period, it could look costly, that is where our bespoke services are key for tailoring to the client’s needs and their project. We assemble custom time lapse equipment that can be monitored remotely, enabling us to leave equipment in place for the duration of the project, only dispatching crew when the project requires manned-camera operation, keeping costs down without jeopardizing content or quality.

Our staff are all CSCS certified, with an abundance of experience filming on busy construction sites, ensuring we work smart and safe in every environment.


M4 Bridge Install

During a weekend closure of the M4, we were asked to document the process and deliver a short project video along with documentation photography for Cleveland Bridge for them to use as promotional content.