Frequently Asked Questions

Video is an extremely powerful way to get a message across to potential customers, It is also much more eye catching than words on a screen and, when done well, can keep the attention of the audience for the duration.

When correctly implemented on a website, video can improve web rankings and retention rates of visitors to the page.

The best way to improve reach with a video is to make use of available platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin as this will reach a wider audience – and they’re free.

Absolutely! Stock footage certainly has its place and can be a great way to fill gaps, however, excessive use of stock imagery can create a disconnect. A professional photographer will take into account the purpose and intended location of the final images, in order to create photography that speaks to the company’s brand and image.

Both are great and have strengths in different areas. It definitely depends on the service or product, as well as the audience. Motion graphics are excellent for conveying concepts, especially for informative videos. Live action works particularly well with lifestyle, and displaying real world implementation.

In most cases yes. Aerial drones offer a much faster and safe solution to assessing a roof or raised surface. We offer our clients a live video feed so they can direct our operators around areas of interest. Footage can also be stored for later reference.