EnviroSort (Severn Waste Services)

For Severn Waste Services, we were asked to deliver a motion graphic video, designed to inform and educate visitors of the EnviroSort recycling plant in Evesham, Worcester. The video required footage from their active site and would be paired with interactive motion graphics to help engage viewers in what could otherwise become a blunt message. With visual concepts confirmed, our video team got to work.


Before capturing any video footage on location, it was crucial to assemble supporting elements such as models and written scripts. To help deliver the message and retain engagement, both the models and script needed to feel authentic, and were determined by us before being approved by the client. With these details confirmed, our video team could head to EnviroSort’s recycling site prepped to shoot.

On the day, we arrived to an active location, with members of the public using the site for their household recycling needs. This added another layer to the project, and meant we had to ensure all models and our team were following the correct health and safety protocols by wearing PPE, as well as being mindful of disrupting site activities throughout the day.

Parallel to another shoot only 5 miles down the road, our professional video team navigated the active site and wrapped another successful day of shooting, taking all captured footage back to the editing room. From here it was all about adding the animation – with detailed illustrations, bespoke visuals and stylised finishing touches bringing EnviroSort’s informative video communications to life!

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