Architecture & Facilities Photography

Architecture & Facilities Photography is our bespoke photography service designed to best capture new or existing business premises or larger immovable equipment.


This service is an excellent way to capture new or improved office spaces, or simply to update older, existing imagery, ideal when letting or selling a location. For companies based at a particular site, it enables customers to connect with their company through the space, moving something intangible such as a company name into the physical. This service is also a valuable means of demonstrating the work of architects and construction workers, with both before and after photography.

Visual Experts

Having imagery to show off premium business spaces is a great way to build consumer trust with both a company and the services they offer.

As visual experts we have a keen eye for detail, and know how to best capture a space. Inevitably, there may be restrictions when photographing busy workplaces, which is why we have specialists in image cleanup, ready to remove, add, or touch up any photograph.


Neg Earth

Having recently completed this building development for Neg Earth, our Clients asked us to photograph and create a short video of a complete building renovation project. They asked for the media to focus on the design & details of the building to use as examples of their work in future project pitches and to put the project forward for construction awards.