Architecture & World Virtalisation

At the forefront of technology is our virtualisation service, that brings architectural designs and sketches to life, in 3D and 360°.


Bringing your plans to life

Being able to visualise an unbuilt structure or environment is invaluable during the development process. We bring plans and designs to life through high definition renders or virtual reality, VR. This technology allows our clients to experience the digitised structure before beginning the build process.


VR is a fully immersive experience of a 3D environment. Using our VR kits, users can freely move around detailed 3D environments to get a sense of how an unfinished architecture will come to fruition. This not only allows our clients to preview their structures, but also brings attention to any design features they may want to change.

We also offer a portable VR experience for our clients to share with their customers during meetings and reviews.

We appreciate that many companies in these sectors are often already utilising 3D models to visualise architecture, so we are more than happy to use any existing models when generating our VR.


West One

We were approached by West One Finance to put together a 3D animated development to help enhance the visual appearance of their website homepage for prospective clients.