Animated Corporate Videos

2D animated corporate videos are an excellent way to explain a service or product without using live action footage. Using illustrated and computer generated content we create powerful graphic video that compliments corporate branding and styling.

2D Animation

There are multiple benefits of using motion graphics over live action footage. We understand that not every company is customer facing and many do business over the phone or using online automated services. How can you film a service that is not “visible”? That’s where 2D animated corporate videos come in. These are specifically designed to provide a visual representation of a service or story whilst giving the company a clean branded look.

Bespoke Motion Graphics

We create bespoke motion graphic videos- from branded backgrounds to detailed elements, all in house- to ensure the key message gets through to the viewer in every video we create. We will always help guide our customers to the service that’s right for them, so if you’re unsure what service would work best for you, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.