Worcestershire Corporate Video Production & Photography

We are media professionals that provide beautiful video and photographic services for businesses. Our work can drive sales through professional video production, photography and unmanned aerial drone services.

Our Services

Our Media Services provide a cost effective solution that produces results, aimed at connecting clients with their targeted audience. It is our goal for our clients’ demographic to act on what they see…


Corporate Video Production is a powerful tool for conveying messages, teaching and to bring trust to customers. Our Video Production process guides our clients carefully through the strategy behind their videos to ensure the highest level of project success.


Corporate Photography is a very effective way to visually compliment print or static documents. We pride ourselves on having an eye for detail, ensuring everything in frame is there to enhance the message being delivered.

Motion Graphics

Using Motion Graphics we create objects & scenes that would otherwise be impractical to film or photograph. We also offer immersive viewing technologies for more interactive projects.

Drone (SUA) Services

CAA-approved Aerial Drone services add an extra dimension to video & photography or even survey projects. Using the latest drones we are able to capture angles, that were previously impossible, in 20MP or 4K imagery.

“Middlebrook Media have provided my organisation with a variety of media solutions over the past 18 months, all have been high quality and offer great value for money. Hopefully there are more projects to come in the future.”

Nortech Management Ltd

Professional Lighting

We understand to get the best visual output, it is not just the camera & subject placement. Lighting is one of the key elements that makes for a professional shot but is often overlooked by many media companies. Generally others get away with ignoring lighting because there is so much available light from the sun and general room lights however just because it is there it doesn’t mean it should be used when it comes to photography or video….

To highlight the importance of lighting you must first consider a camera and a product in a room with no windows and no lights, if we take a picture of our product no matter how well it is positioned in shot we won’t see anything. Now say we have a window spilling light into the room and just to add somemore light we have an overhead light central to the room.

  • Colour balance
  • Harsh / Soft Lighting
  • Reflections


A professional image is created through a series of stages one of the most vital being image editing. Often overlooked is the importanceof the editing stage, to put this into perspective have you ever wondered why so many videos feel slow or miss the point. This is where the final edit has a poor structure or has not been correctly edited to keep the audience engaged. With photos this could be that the image looks out of place or looks cheap. Which again comes from a poor understanding of what their audience is expecting or simply has not been edited well.